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Zulu’s innovative SoundQ technology creates new mobile proximity experience

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Zulu enables enterprises to:

- Instantly deliver and perform synchronization of content

- Reduce cost of paper-based collateral printing

- Engage customers more effectively and efficiently

- Close the sales loop by effective interaction with users and providing product information, users reviews and purchase links

- Fulfill corporate green initiatives and social responsibilities

Customers across industries

Tradeshow | Conferences | Retail | Medical | Security | Public transportation | Restaurants | Tourist sites


- Cost effective: Save costs on IT personnel developing and maintaining of company’s own app

- High ROI: Deliver marketing info to the most valuable customers who either visit your store or track your brand

- Simple: Build your channel in minutes, one-click to deliver real time marketing info (coupons)

- Easy: Web based template for you to design or upload the content


- Cost saving: Allows companies to save by reducing the cost of conference collateral printing and shipping

- Fast: Cloud-based content delivery is simple, easy and can be deployed in minutes

- Instant: Send up-to-date alert and content to attendees and follow up in real time

- Effective: Interact with the attendees, get your user’s feedback and social activity to maximize your customer reach

TV, Interactive Screen and Radio

- Effective: The audience can “Buy what I see/hear on TV/Radio, “NOW!”

- Engaged: Real time interaction with TV/radio program (survey, feedback, comment)

- Interactive: Advertised products pop-up on users’ phones when they watch and listen to the ads

- Convenient: Saves coupons or product info broadcasted from the TV/radio to their phones with one click

- Follow the channels/programs/ads you like on the phone

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