Create On-line Stores for Your Customers

Zulu's mobile commerce platform can bring your store online instantly.
So your customers can shop your store anytime





Digitize and publish your marketing materials such as weekly ads, coupons and promotions



Be relevant and stay connected with your customers using the Zulu mobile app and mobile platform.



Increase and maximize your revenue by offering mobile e-commerce capabilities creating as many virtual stores as you an imagine


Bring your store online and start growing your business



Mobile Marketing and Communication

•  Easily digitize and publish weekly ads, coupons and promotions

•  Customers can view ads, coupons and promotions on mobile phones

•  Broadcast messages to your customers and drive traffic to stores

•  Send alerts while customers are in the stores to drive impulse buying using proximity technologies such as iBeacons

•  Low investment with your own brand app, maximize your return with increased sales


Mobile Commerce

•  Bring your store online instantly through Zulu's Citykart™: A community-powered shopping network

•  Web based inventory management for your store

•  Order fulfillment by your store or Citykart's team

•  Multiple secured mobile payment: American Express, Visa, Master and Paypal

•  Increase revenue with maximum ROI




Zulu is based in San Jose, CA at the heart of Silicon Valley. We have created a mobile solution that will revolutionize the way people currently shop for their groceries.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

 • UX Design

 • Web engineer

 • Backend engineer

 • Product Manager

 • Community operation manager at following cities: Berkeley, Davis, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz California

 • College interns from the following universities: San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz


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